Form Award is a new award, launched in 2017. The winners will be chosen by the editors of Form Magazine and announced on Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, in these categories: Furniture of the Year, Newcomer of the Year, Designer of the Year, Lighting Design of the Year, Sustainability Project of the Year. Form Award replaces the previous Form +1 Award.

See the first five winners of Form Award

Form +1 Award went annually to the best new product at the Stockholm Furniture Fair. It was previously awarded by Forum magazine, which merged with Form in 2011. Form +1 Award was purely an honorary one that gave glory but also the task of finding the next winner in cooperation with Form Magazine.

The award was established in 2002; an initiative of Forum’s then-editor Mark Isitt, who wanted a personal award where the judge must choose a winner. Until 2015, the winner was chosen by last years’ winner. From 2016, Form Magazine is part of the jury.

Last year’s recipient of Form +1 Award was chosen by Form Magazine and the French designer Inga Sempé, last years’ winner, at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair 10 February. They chose the textiles YamoTurner and Open Weave by Isa Glink for Kinnasand. Former Form +1 Award winners are listed in the menu to the left.