A better life through good design.

Svensk Form was founded in 1845 to safeguard the quality of Swedish hand-crafted goods. From its inception, Svensk Form was active in its lobbying activities and promotion of its members and their interests. Initiating exhibitions and provoking debate it soon released a magazine to support its activities, Form – which now stands as the World’s oldest design magazine.

Svensk Form is a non-profit organisation whose remit remains to promote and support Swedish design both at home and abroad. The association, based at its headquarters in Stockholm, has twelve regional associations around Sweden. Svensk Form works to create an environment in which everyone can become engaged in the benefits design can bring to the individual, the cultural landscape in which we live and its contributions to society as a whole.

Those who share our views, and wish to add your own stamp to shaping the role design plays today, are welcome to join us to expand your own business network, enrich your knowledge or simply engage with other likeminded individuals as part of Svensk Form’s ongoing activities.

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