The shapeshifter 

She planned to be a criminologist. But instead, she’s a jack of all trades, busy piecing together the elements of everyday life into new patterns. “It’s my natural force to accomplish something elegant in the combination,” says Cilla Ramnek to Form’s Elin Seittu.

We meet in her relatively new apart- ment in Södermalm, Stockholm. Or well, the epithet ”new” is more of a desired visual identity. She recalls coming home after three months in the countryside over the summer, and wondering, ”Who in the world is this old lady living here?” She completely rearranged everything. Her old paintings are now lined up along the hallway, their motifs shamefully turned to the wall. 

– It’s like when people say, “God, I can’t wear this jumper, I have to go home and change.” That’s how I feel about my entire home. 

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Image: Patric Johansson/online gallery